Size comparison in pictures : sony VAIO X and Macbook Air

The portability of Sony's new laptop,VAIO X was really amazing.. The VAIO X that I had chance to see and touch today was slimmer than any other laptops in the world including VAIO P, and was much lighter than I expected.

The factors that make a laptop portable includes weight, size (width & depth), thickness, battery life, and so on. On portablity, the weight is most important to me, because I carry it everyday. But I don't want too much small one, which gives hard time on my eyes and hands just like VAIO P. (that's why I just gave up using VAIO P)
So what would be the most important factor for the portability with enough size of screen & light weight?

" the Thickness "

That's why I'm interested in comparing VAIO X's thickness with that of Macbook Air. I took some pictures on SONY VAIO X with my Macbook Air today, and you can see how they look on the pictures below.

VAIO X is physically much slimmer than Macbook Air. The thickness (or height) of VAIO X is 13.9 mm, which destroys Macbook Air's 19mm (thickest part). Macbook Air is about 30% thicker than VAIO X. But you can see Steve Jobs' magic here :-)

Which one is slimmer ?

Macbook Air is slimmer than VAIO X, isn't it?

That's right. It is the Steve Jobs' magic.
Macbook Air is definitely thicker than VAIO X, as you can verify on their physical specification or the picture above. But sometimes VAIO X 'looks' even thicker than Macbook Air because of the edge design that Apple put some tricky magic on :-)

Give him the best magician award !!

Anyway, the portability that I felt on VAIO X was much better than Macbook Air even though the tricky machine 'looks' slimmer in some angle.  VAIO X is much lighter and slimmer, which should be kind of  monumental thing on laptop's portability with enough size of screen.  I LOVE IT !!

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